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Diet Day 6~ Diminishing Lardiness~ RESULT!

Posted Posted by Tess Egerton in The Not-So-Secret Diary of A Yo-Yo Dieter     Comments 2 comments

Flu….. but then….

 It’s been 4 full days of rather revolting illness, and only today am I starting to recover. This morning I woke up bright and early and actually felt like some resemblance to a human being.

After a strange few days of existing in a semi-conscious state, surfacing occasionally to sip a hot flu remedy then return into another hallucinatory doze, I finally regained consciousness mid afternoon yesterday. It was a revelation indeed as I had no idea what time  it was, where I was, or who had taken the children to school. Thankfully for me, the boys’ dad had turned ‘fairy godfather’ for a few days and taken care of everything!  One good thing at least.

Revelation number two; I stumbled out of bed to find….. my hip bones!! I had lost weight! UnbeLIEVable! I hadn’t seen my hip bones for almost a year, but now they’re back. Ah my good friends… they had been there all the time but had been cosseted under a blanket of lard. I had lost weight over 4 days and~ amazingly~ didn’t feel so hungry I’d want to eat an entire bun factory PLUS my arm right up to the elbow aswell! The sheer excitement of this discovery wore me out once I’d sat down, so I went back to bed as soon as possible and dreamt of bodycon dresses until the morning.

Too excited to wait until the full first Saturday-to- Saturday diet week was complete, I just had to jump ( too ambitious).. STEP ,  on to the scales this morning and discover a hopefully glorious result. The digital display danced around for a bit ( as they do, annoyingly), then settled on its final decision..

YES!!!  4 and 1/2  pounds weight loss this week!!  A positive start to an incredibly long and arduous six days. The energy is still low, but the spirits are high, high , high!  The illness has been foul, but it seems fate has taken my situation in hand this time and dealt me a big positive out of a thoroughly gloomy negative.

Quite where I go from here though, I do NOT know…as soon as I’m fully recovered I will be eating for Britain again; I have to work out a sensible strategy to combat this. With 13 days left to go until the big day, I  also realise I had previously miscalculated my dieting countdown by a WHOLE  week! Oh dear. I still have 10lbs left to lose! How am I going to achieve that?

The pressure is well and truly on!!

Week two, what am I going to do with you?!

© Tess Egerton 2011

Day 3 of Dieting; D for Decongestant

Posted Posted by Tess Egerton in The Not-So-Secret Diary of A Yo-Yo Dieter     Comments 2 comments

Day 3

Oh dearie me. The start to the week has been an odd one indeed. Woke up early this morning; it’s a Monday and I am feeling groggy with a blocked nose to boot. The fluey virus circulating our neighbourhood had been kept at bay until now, but seems to have finally intercepted us at last.

Having packed a slightly sicky looking child 1 off to school, I  ferried child 2 to the doctors for a check on his rising temperature. Upon arrival, we could hear the coughs , sneezes and wheezing before even entering the waiting room.  I made a mental note to bring my gauze mask with me next time, but for now it was too late. Mental note two tried to introduce some positivity into my thoughts and reminded me that at least I could look through the healthy diet sheets on the rotating stand while we waited. Plus, feeling SO full of cold I wouldn’t be hungry anyway. Double result!

Sure enough, the ‘health leaflet’ stand was packed with useful information on healthy eating  ( the ‘D’ word for dieting seems to be taboo in our doctorssurgery at least; it’s all based on healthy hearts and circulation, healthy bones and muscles and giving yourself a great quality of life through the best choices in nutrition). There were leaflets and booklets galore, exhibiting the ‘healthy food triangle’ of items to be eaten in abundance ( fruit and veg) right down to the ones we should bother nibbling the least ( fats and sugars). All common sense, but all essentially geared to lifestyle choices rather than the psychology of  weight issues. I guess they leave that to the diet clubs instead.

Dieting can have a strange effect on one’s thoughts once that ‘blue touch paper’ of consciousness has been ignited. As we sat in the waiting room, I found myself looking around the other patients, absent-mindedly sizing up what frame and weight they could be.  Did they look healthy, thin, overweight? Did they look happy, self conscious, confident or miserable? One man got up and wandered to the drinks machine for a hot chocolate , setting me off into a silent giggle as I thought of how much I wanted to ambush him for the drink.  Having not touched anything sweet for two days, the mental cravings had kicked in, even if the cold had supressed the real cravings.

Throughout the day, the regular top-ups of  lemon flavoured flu drinks and lucozade were enough to put me off even the loveliest of food aromas, so the children and I picked at  any small snacks which didn’t initiate instant billiousness.

The day’s exercice consisted of walking to the car and back, plus a few sluggish laps around the house. I am sure a tiny gram or two of extra baggage is melting away slowly, but certainly not for the right reasons on day 3.  I’ll just look on the bright side and consider it as an unscheduled bonus.

 Now, I wonder what day 4 has in store?

© Tess Egerton 2011




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