Hairy Mary Quite Contrary

You may remember back in the mists of late autumn 2011, I spent some time bemoaning the plastic fantastic idealism of the Kashing Kar-dash- eeee- enns.  The over exuberant extravagance of  the KimKris wedding, the excruciating falseness of the swinging Disney intonation patterns and vacuous  vanity displays.

Well it would appear that all good things DO arrive at the table for those who wait, and this spring it occurred with bells on…. Cue slightly off centre, one Professor Mary Beard; latterly of ‘Meet The Romans ‘  fame and quintessential Classics expert.

How deliciously ironic could it be that a perfectly self- sufficient, independently minded academic as she, should reach the pinnacle of her  popular viewing  exposure on the same week as the Kardashian Wedding appearing on prime-time British music screens. The refreshing contrast between her no –nonsense, intrinsically informative presentation against the KK Klan’s non-sensical self- obsession could not have arrived with starker opposition from one another within the space of two days.

Obviously ,the greatest contrast between the two entities would appeal to our superficial  viewing on greater or lesser scale. That of Mary Beard’s typically professorial  appearance; with full refusal of any enhancement, costume or CGI, against that of the painfully primped princess of plastic ( I ‘SO’ wish I could find  appropriate K stylie alliteration for that one!).

But more importantly, it’s down to a display of attitude within the media circles also. Mary Beard couldn’t care less whether AA Gill thinks her teeth are on loan from the china tombstone collection. Yet, Kim Kardashian Tweets and FB’s incessantly about whether she is ‘obsessed’ with this dress or that, and should she wear  gold encrusted stilletos instead of leather ones…?  She had to take two whole weeks off with stress after the resulting furore her marriage separation caused……

It really does make one wonder which of the two is REALLY the powerful, all-encompassing new age female icon here? I know who my bet’s on…


© Tess Egerton 2012

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