Britain gets a Barrage of Farage


Whilst in British politics, the tension is becoming palpable amongst parties and the political campaigns are revving themselves up into a great frenzy, it’s appearing –in this household at least- that the public figures promoting themselves for UKIP are becoming crazier and less trustworthy by the day. During the past several weeks of campaigning, UKIP […]

Day 1 – Launch Day for The Queen of All Diets ( And All Who Sail on Her).


This morning began with an air of reluctant optimism. The sunshine outside our bedroom window helped enormously as I hauled myself straight out of bed at 06.30 into healthy- fodder- and- green- goddess mode. Diet day 1 and the first day of Slimshady lady. Having already spent several days looking through motivational magazines and websites, […]

The Return of The Not So Secret Yo-Yo dieter.


  Here we are again… over three years and two stone further on from where I finished in December 2011. At that point I was dieting for my 40th birthday party, having had a crazy year of promotional meetings and dinners, boozy networking functions and just a little too much revelry. Three weeks of frenzied […]

The Flight of The Bumble Beeb


Throughout the last twenty four hours, the social media scene, news channels and online newspapers have been alive with updates on the plight of Top Gear giant Jeremy Clarkson.   Facebook and Twitter have been positively dancing with passionate criticism against the BBC’s most unlikely Sunday night pin-up since yesterday. It was reported he’d attempted […]

How The Mighty Have Fallen

madonna blonde ambition

Way back in 1990, when Madonna was consistently perched majestically on the number one slot of the UK charts, I can remember my peers and I thinking she was an inexplicable female force to be reckoned with. Watching her storm around on stage during the ‘Blonde Ambition’ tour, we all marvelled at her conical bras, […]

Family Fun-time at Puxton Park


Should you visit any self-respecting play area in Bristol; be it a park or soft play area, it won’t be long before you’ll overhear a fellow mum or dad enthusing about their recent visit to Puxton Park. Nestled in the North Somerset countryside between Congresbury and Weston-Super-Mare, Puxton Park and Farmstore have been entertaining families […]